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Emerald Depths: The Tale of the Spirit Duck

Emerald Depths: The Tale of the Spirit Duck

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Dive into the enchanted waters of "Emerald Depths: The Tale of the Spirit Duck," a luminous portrayal of mindfulness by sɬə́məxʷ Rain Pierre. This artwork transports viewers to a mystical cavern where the water shimmers with the aurora of the northern lights, and the spirit duck dwells in serenity. Here, a playful narrative unfolds—one of the ducks, engrossed in its quest for sustenance, has amusingly lost its headband, a gentle reminder from the artist to maintain our self-awareness even when pursuing our desires.


Rain Pierre's creation is a vivid and colorful lesson in balance; the duck with its tail feathers comically in the air symbolizes what we risk when we become too absorbed in the hunt for our needs or wants. It's a representation of the light-hearted side of nature and a reflection on staying true to oneself amidst the distractions of life's undertakings.

By bringing "Emerald Depths" into your space, you embrace a story that encourages laughter, self-reflection, and the beauty of life's simple moments. It's a conversation starter, a beacon of joy, and a beautiful encapsulation of the artist's cultural narrative, inviting us all to find harmony in the dance of light and life.

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