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Skokuk: The Mountain Guardian Owl

Skokuk: The Mountain Guardian Owl

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Discover the sacred essence of the mountains with "Spirit Wings of Skokuk: The Mountain Guardian Owl," a profound piece of modern indigenous art by sɬə́məxʷ Rain Pierre. Skokuk, the majestic owl spirit, is depicted as the keeper of souls, soaring from the ethereal peaks of the Pitt Lake mountains to bestow the gift of spirit upon the newborns. This guardian is the bridge between the ancestral world and the present, a soul carrier watching over the cycle of life with its expansive wings.


Rain Pierre’s vision of Skokuk is a powerful symbol of protection and guidance. The owl’s penetrating gaze and poised stance against the backdrop of a stormy mountainous landscape evoke a sense of silent strength and the profound mystery of life’s transitions. With every feather etched in intricate detail, Skokuk is not only a protector but also a conduit of wisdom from the heights of the ancestral realm.

Owning "Spirit Wings of Skokuk" is not just an investment in art; it is an invitation to connect with the deep-rooted spirituality of the Katzie First Nation. It's a homage to the unseen guardians that preside over our beginnings, our land, and the continuous flow of spiritual energy. Let this guardian owl spirit guide your space, bringing with it the serenity of the mountains and the revered traditions of the Katzie people.

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