About Rain (sɬə́məxʷ)

My name is Rain Pierre (sɬə́məx), and I am an indigenous artist from the Katzie First Nation. My journey as an artist began on October 16, 2016, when I had a life-changing awakening that led me to quit my dreams to become a civil engineer and pursue my true passion – art.

For 7 years, I dedicated my time and energy to building a successful career in the civil engineering industry. I worked extensive overtime, traveled across British Columbia, Canada, inspecting multimillion-dollar projects, and made a name for myself within the industry. Despite my success and good salary, I felt unfulfilled and realized that I was committing spiritual suicide.

One evening, I asked the Creator if this was the path I should be on. That's when I discovered spray paint art through a Facebook video. I immediately went to the hardware store, bought some spray paint, and created my first painting on a canvas I had recently purchased. That day, my life changed forever.

Since 2016, I have focused on my career as a professional artist, using my work to breathe life into dreams and inspire others to follow their true passions. I believe that life is too short not to do what you love.

As an artist, I strive to use my work for good and to help people. I have created an interactive mural program with communities and school districts, collaborating on concepts and ideas, and working together to paint the pieces. I also teach students and adults how to safely spray paint in small groups.

Some of my notable accomplishments include:

  • Creating the largest lenticular wall art in Canada
  • Representing Canada at a global conference in Europe
  • Maintaining sobriety for multiple years
  • Collaborating on numerous murals with school districts across British Columbia and in Ottawa
  • Planning an art show in the UK and speaking at Cambridge University
  • Creating land acknowledgment plaques with schools and organizations to make spaces more welcoming
  • Having my art displayed in every doctor's office in British Columbia

As a dreamer, I am committed to using my art to inspire, uplift, and create positive change in the world.

⬇️ The Rain Awakens Team ⬇️

Dustyanna Design & Consulting

Dusty Yurkin, Manager and Graphic Designer

Dusty is a Graphic Designer, specializing in digital and print media, specifically layout design and illustration. She believes we all have a story to tell, individually or as a company, and she wants to work with brands and artists to tell their story through typography, illustration and design.

Dustyanna Design & Consulting

Karla Parker, Multi-Media Manager

Karla's family came to Canada as refugees from post-civil war El Salvador in 1989. She's lived in Nova Scotia and Ontario but she grew up in South Vancouver. Karla is the Multi-Media Manager for Rain Awakens. 

She believe in heartfelt and humorous story-telling, and in using her gift in service of others. Her love for photography and storytelling drove her to found La Casa de Lala in 2017, combining her two passions into one medium - film. This led Karla to collaborating with Rain in bringing to life his creative visions, self expression and in capturing his story. 

Kiefco Customs

Kiefer Strautman, Production Manager

Kiefer is the owner and founder of KS Woodworks. He is originally from Saskatchewan and as he migrated west,  he discovered who he really wants to be in this world through his craft and working with his hands.

He currently works with RainAwakens as the Production Manager, creating and collaborating on projects with Rain in his shop. He creates 3-dimensional artwork using the various tools and machines to execute Rain’s vision using a combination of plexiglass and wood. Kiefer is also a contractor in the construction industry, but his true passion is working on art projects and bringing new creations to this world. His goal is to solely work on art projects full time.

Blue Moon Creations

Lainie Leon

Lainie Leon is a celebrated indigenous artist from the Katzie First Nation, renowned for her mastery in beadwork that seamlessly weaves traditional materials with contemporary influences.

A self-taught craftswoman, Lainie comes from a family rich in artistic talent, drawing inspiration from her heritage to create pieces that resonate deeply with both past and present narratives. Beyond her art, Lainie is a devoted mother to six daughters, managing to balance her time between her family duties and her passion for craft. Her work is prominently displayed on her Instagram page, blue.moon.creations, where she shares her latest creations and engages with a growing community of followers and fellow artists. Joining the Rain Awakens team has been a pivotal experience for Lainie, providing her with opportunities to expand and refine her artistic expression, celebrating her culture while reaching new audiences.

Blue Moon Creations

Green Design

Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnston is a Canadian creative with a passion for design and storytelling, based in New Westminster, BC.

With a diverse background in hospitality management and the TV and film industry, Trevor has honed his skills as a Set Decorator on some of the biggest shows in the industry. In 2019, he founded Green Design, a boutique event design and decoration rental company that brings his unique vision to life.

As the founder of Green Design, Trevor is dedicated to crafting unforgettable events that tell a story. When he's not working on his latest project, you can find him exploring new design trends and collaborating with like-minded creatives.

Prevailing Design | MK ULTRA

Matthew Kalenuik, Digital Artist

Matthew is a multidisciplinary expert, blending extensive experience in project management and fund development within the health and social services sector with a profound passion for digital art and technical design. At RainAwakens, he employs his unique skill set in creating digital solutions and complex graphic designs that not only address functional needs but also enrich the narrative through visual artistry. His work is grounded in a deep understanding of addiction recovery and nonprofit dynamics, making each project not just a task, but a mission to enhance community and individual recovery journeys.

Prevailing Design | MK ULTRA

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