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Rain Pierre (sɬə́məxʷ), an Indigenous artist from the Katzie First Nation, is a versatile talent whose work spans beyond spray painting to include vinyl wraps, custom paintings, murals, website graphics, art installations, window appliques, and 3D sculptures for businesses, municipalities, and private clients. In addition to his commissioned art, Rain is a motivational speaker and actively engages with school children, exposing them to Indigenous art and culture through hands-on projects and discussions. His passionate presentations and artistic endeavors aim to inspire and educate, bridging gaps between communities and generations.

Golden Ears Pump Station - Metro Vancouver

Large Art Installations

Rain Pierre's large art installations transform ordinary spaces into captivating cultural narratives, offering immersive experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. To explore how Rain can bring a meaningful, large-scale artistic vision to your space, contact us today.

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Urgent Care Response Centre - City of Surrey

Window Appliques

Rain Pierre's custom window appliques add a unique artistic touch while also enhancing privacy and light control. Reach out to discover how these bespoke creations can beautify and transform your windows with cultural elegance and contemporary design.

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BC Schools

Art Workshops

Rain conducts safe and engaging spray painting demonstrations, fostering a passion for the art among participants. He educates small, diverse groups, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and ideas across various skill levels. Rain has led these interactive sessions at local libraries, schools, and events, including team-building workshops. Everyone, from beginners to seasoned artists, is welcome to join and explore their creative potential.

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Kwantlen Park Secondary School

Small Art Installations

Rain Pierre also specializes in creating small art installations that bring a touch of artistic flair and cultural significance to more intimate spaces. These smaller pieces are perfect for enhancing corporate offices, private homes, or public areas where meaningful art can make a big impact.

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Township of Langley

Vinyl Wraps

Rain Pierre excels in crafting vinyl wraps for complexly shaped objects, such as hydro boxes for municipalities, transforming mundane urban fixtures into vibrant works of art. These wraps not only beautify public spaces but also convey cultural stories and themes, enriching the community’s visual landscape.

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Speaking Engagements

Rain Pierre is not only a celebrated artist but also a captivating speaker, who brings Indigenous perspectives and personal experiences to enlighten and engage audiences. Through his speaking engagements, Rain delivers powerful talks on cultural art, social advocacy, and the transformative power of self-expression, inspiring attendees to embrace creativity as a catalyst for change.

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